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Stallion Texas Real Estate Funds

Since 2013, the Stallion Texas Real Estate Funds have been our cornerstone investment vehicle for accredited investors.

Sophisticated investors think beyond the limits of traditional stocks and bonds. We offer an alternative investment vehicle that affords our investors more diverse portfolios with built-in resistance to market fluctuations.

The Stallion Texas Real Estate Funds deploy capital into short-term real estate loans to generate yield for our clients. The Funds generate income from interest paid on short-term real estate loans and associated origination fees. As individual loans are paid off the capital is redeployed into new loans, maximizing the overall yield to the investor.

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2013-October 2022

Stallion vs traditional markets

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High Yield
7-8% Target Returns
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Quarterly Dividends Distributed
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Collateralized by Texas Real Estate
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Debt Funds

Texas Market

The Stallion Texas Real Estate Funds targets three of Texas’s most growth-oriented real estate markets; metro regions that exhibit positive demographic trends (income, density, crime rates, etc.) and strong economic fundamentals.

Stallion originates loans on a first lien position at a maximum of 70% of the property’s loan value. Therefore, each loan offers at least 30% equity that serves as a buffer and additional protection from loss. Stallion has a long track record in this area of expertise, having funded more than $450 million in loans.

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Offerings Compared

While our funds share a basic philosophy, there are a few differences. To compare our funds, see below.
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Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund I
Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund II
Year Established
Minimum Investment
LLC- Partnership with Sub-REIT
Option to reinvest or receive distribution
Quarterly Distributions
Quarterly Distributions
Management Fee
2% of Assets Under Management
1.5% of Assets Under Management
Capital Redemption
60 Days Notice
60 Days Notice
Target Return
70% Loan-to-Value Max
70% Loan-to-Value Max

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