Solid Foundations.
Protected Principle

We offer vehicles for investing in your community,
while enjoying secure, reliable returns.


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Sophisticated investors think beyond the limits of traditional stocks and bonds. We offer alternative investment vehicles that afford our investors more diverse portfolios with built-in resistance to market fluctuations.

Stallion Capital Management offers 3 investment funds that allow investors to participate in both debt and equity investments across a broad spectrum of real estate asset classes. Each Fund is professionally managed with third-party oversight from industry-leading legal, tax and, audit services.

Since 2007, Stallion Capital Management has deployed over $450M of capital into real estate loans, earning investors stable returns, backed and secured by real estate. Its innovative lending model offers investors consistent principal protection and income strategies, with our newest equity fund allowing for long-term capital growth and a sustained hedge against inflation.


Your Investment Options

Stallion Capital Management offers two innovative investment vehicles to our clients. They are both grounded by tested insights.

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Debt Funds

Stallion capital
Accredited investors have an opportunity to enjoy a consistent stream of income and a stable store of value.
Assets Under Management
7-8 %
Target Return